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5 Huge Benefits Of A Crushed Asphalt Driveway

Asphalt driveways are a great way to add beauty, value, and functionality to your home. Crushed asphalt driveways are an increasingly common option that can provide many benefits. Read on if you’re interested in learning more about crushed asphalt driveways, their advantages, and how they’re installed.

What Is Crushed Asphalt?

Crushed asphalt, sometimes called asphalt millings or recycled asphalt, are pieces of old asphalt leftover from other projects, such as old asphalt roads, that have been crushed down into gravel. This recycled substance can then be turned into a new surface, such as a beautiful driveway for your home. 

Crushed asphalt driveways are a popular option because they’re easy to install, provide great functionality, and are easy to maintain. Recycled asphalt is an excellent option for a durable, appealing driveway that is easy to install.

Benefits Of A Crushed Asphalt Driveway

  • Cost Effective: The upfront cost of a crushed asphalt driveway is lower than other materials often used. Less raw materials are used; therefore, it is cost-effective. 
  • Environmentally Friendly: Asphalt is a non-biodegradable substance, so it’s best to reuse it whenever possible. Using milled asphalt keeps it out of landfills and creates less waste. 
  • Weather Resistant: Asphalt milling can withstand extreme weather conditions, including excessive heat and heavy rainfall. 
  • Low Maintenance: Asphalt millings make for a relatively low-maintenance driveway compared to other materials. They do not need to be raked or refinished regularly, and the surface will harden over time. Weeds and grass will have difficulty growing through the recycled asphalt, leaving your driveway pristine without much upkeep.
  • Long Lasting: A milled asphalt driveway is an excellent investment as it can last for years. A well-installed asphalt milling driveway can add considerable value to your home and last anywhere from 20-30 years with proper installation and maintenance. 

Crushed Asphalt Cost

The price for recycled asphalt typically ranges between $10 and $20 per ton or $15 on average. Recycled asphalt can cost as much as $60 per ton, depending on where you live and the availability of materials. Nonetheless, this is less than the $100 to $200 price tag of new asphalt. 

Because asphalt millings are recycled, you must be conscious of where you purchase your materials. Before buying any materials, finding a reputable, well-known recycling facility is important to ensure you’re receiving the best quality materials. 

How Much Crushed Asphalt Will You Need? 

The amount of crushed asphalt you need will depend on the size and type of project you are doing. The average residential driveway is between 10-12′ wide for a single-car driveway or 20-24′ for a double. Driveways are typically around 20-40′ feet long. 

One ton of recycled asphalt covers approximately 80 square feet with a 3-inch thickness. If you have a single-car driveway that is 200 square feet, you will need about 2.5 tons of asphalt milling. If you have a more oversized double driveway of 960 square feet, you will need 12 tons of milling. 

While these numbers can vary significantly based on location, the size of your home, and the number of vehicles you own- this is the national average. 

The actual cost of your project will depend on the size of your surface, delivery costs for the asphalt milling, and installation costs. 

How Long Does Crushed Asphalt Take To Cure? 

Recycled asphalt can harden on their own over time without any special equipment. The process can take weeks or months, depending on the weather. Asphalt milling may harden faster in the summer due to the intense sunlight. 

For a faster curing time, a steam roller may be used to compact the surface. This can speed up the process, allowing your surface to be cured in as little as 24 hours. 


Crushed asphalt driveways provide great functionality, beauty, and good value. They’re easy to install, require low maintenance, and are more cost-effective than many other driveways. Recycled asphalt is an excellent option for a driveway due to its durability, ease of installation, and low maintenance requirements. Crushed asphalt driveways are a perfect option for any homeowner looking for a long-lasting driveway. 

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