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Line Striping: 6 Reasons Your Lot Needs A Refresh Today

A well-designed parking lot can be the first impression visitors and potential customers have of your business and the line striping plays a part. The condition of your parking lot can make a big difference in how people view your company. If your lot is cracked, faded, or has other issues that are visible to the public, you may appear unprofessional or uncaring about the appearance of your business. Several important details will help you get the most out of your time and budget if you’re planning on updating your parking striping. Keep reading for more information about cleaning surfaces properly in preparation for a striping project and what to look out for when planning one.

Top Reasons You Should Restripe Your Parking Lot  

Keeping your asphalt parking lot well-maintained and safe requires clear line striping. If the lines in your lot are faded or barely visible, it’s time for an update. Here are 6 common reasons your lot may need a refresh: 

  1. Age – We recommend that parking lots get fresh line striping every 2 – 4 years. This number depends on several factors, such as the weather, traffic in the parking lot, quality of paint used, and overall condition of the asphalt. 
  2. Maintenance – If your parking lot receives any maintenance, such as seal coating, the space will need new line striping. The sealcoating will cover up the existing lines, so once the surface is dry, it must be repainted. 
  3. To be ADA Compliant – To comply with the Americans Disability Act (ADA), you might need to repaint lines on your parking lot if they have faded. The ADA code specifies how you must allocate accessible parking spaces. If the lines on your parking lot have faded, you should repaint them as soon as you notice them to maintain accessible parking spots distinct from the rest of the lot.
  4. Fire Code Compliance – Similar to meeting ADA codes, you must follow local fire code laws. When getting fresh line striping in your parking lot, ensure your fire lanes are painted vibrantly so they are clearly marked. 
  5. Aesthetics – In terms of first impressions, parking lots are often the first thing visitors notice. Do you want your parking lot to look faded, worn out, and unkempt, or would you prefer to present one that is vibrant, spotless, and communicates that you care about your business? Regardless of your business, parking lot presentation is critical, and Saguaro Asphalt can assist you in keeping your lot looking fresh. 
  6. Liability Reduction – Because you are responsible for the upkeep of your parking lot, your business is at fault if a vehicular collision occurs or if a pedestrian is injured due to poor or faded striping. By keeping your parking lot up to date, you can control traffic flow and ensure that navigation is safe.

Parking Lot Striping Cleaning Checklist

Before starting a line striping project, you’ll want to ensure that the surface is ready to be painted. Start by using a non-pressure washing process to remove loose dirt, debris, or contaminants such as oil stains, bird droppings, or other things that might prevent the paint and striping from bonding with the pavement. Next, use a solvent or alkaline agent to remove any oil or grease on the surface. This will ensure that the new paint adheres properly and doesn’t wear or leave marks quickly. You’ll then want to power wash the surface and let it dry thoroughly so that the paint has no chance of being applied to a surface that is still damp.

Why You Should Get Your Parking Lot Lines Repainted

Ultimately, line striping your parking lot is an investment in the upkeep of your business and customer satisfaction. Repainting the lines in your lot will make it easier for visitors and patrons to find their way around and park in their desired spot. It will also help to avoid confusion and frustration among the people using your lot. 


The parking lot is usually the first thing customers see when visiting your business. Keeping it clean and well-marked is essential to maintaining a professional image and encouraging repeat customers. If you notice that your parking lot lines are faded or covered with dirt, it may be time to repaint. If your parking lot looks worse for ware or you are concerned about code compliance, call Saguaro Asphalt at (520) 428-0505 for a free estimate. 

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