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Saguaro Asphalt is the premier commercial parking lot paving company in AZ. We have years of experience and expertise when it comes to paving any commercial property’s needs.


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Commercial parking lots.

Saguaro Asphalt, the premier commercial parking lot paving company in Tucson, Arizona, provides all types of pavement services for commercial property owners, including new parking lots, repairing your existing parking lot, or regular asphalt maintenance. With our expert commercial parking lot paving company, we can help increase your curb appeal and make your business more attractive. Our skilled professionals are dedicated to helping you meet your commercial property needs.

Signs Of Quality Parking Lot Paving

Smooth surface: A A freshly paved commercial parking lot should be smooth. Bumps can indicate that the asphalt is not going to last. When viewing a company’s work, seek out a parking lot that is smooth and free of jagged details.

Proper drainage: Water is one of the biggest threats to an asphalt parking lot. When extra water is on the lot, it can pool or drain into the holes and ruin the parking lot. In addition, it can be hazardous for cars and pedestrians. A good paving job should always include sufficient drainage. The best way to drain water away from structures and surfaces is to create the proper slope with specialized grading tools. An adequately graded site to encourage proper water drainage into appropriate runoff channels is crucial.

Durable base: When a new parking lot is constructed, your asphalt paving contractors must first create the base. A solid base is necessary to support the weight of vehicles and the pressure of constant traffic. After all, parking lots accommodate heavy vehicles and handle a lot of traffic. When the base is ready, paving may begin.

Signs Your Parking Lot Needs Repaving.

Cracks: The first step in paving wear and tear is a crack. Sun exposure, moisture, and ground movement are the three main factors leading to asphalt cracks. When water invades and contributes to the problem by freezing and thawing, it worsens the situation.

Potholes: An undeniable sign of wear, potholes can cause damage to vehicles coming through the parking lot. Potholes also pose a threat to pedestrians walking as it increases the risk of tripping.

Oil Spots: Oil can cause severe problems to asphalt due to how the oil interacts with the binder than holds the asphalt together. Because of this, oil spots can increase the possibility of pavement failure.

I Have A Freshly Paved Parking Lot- How Do I Make Sure It Lasts?

Regular parking lot maintenance should be a priority to stay away from massive problems. When cracks appear, they should be attended to immediately in order to avoid more complicated and higher repair costs. Seeds may also accumulate in cracks, leading to weed and other vegetation development. It would be best to try to remove these as soon as you notice them sprouting. A typical power wash may assist in this regard. As you may know, sealing your parking lot protects it from severe weather, including frost, rain, sunlight, and fluid coming from parked cars. We recommend annual sealing every three to five years. We at Saguaro Asphalt will provide you with a maintenance strategy tailored to your parking lot.

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