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Asphalt Patching & Sealing

Your asphalt needs some TLC. We’ll help you keep your pavement in top shape with asphalt patching, sealing, and repair services.
Keep your pavement in good shape.
Patch and seal areas of asphalt that are deteriorating to maintain the longevity of your pavement and protect against future damage. One of the best ways to prolong pavement’s lifespan is by patching and sealing it with a professional service provider.


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Seal Cracks While They're Small

Cracks form as asphalt ages. These cracks can be easily repaired, but they are also the first sign of trouble. If these cracks are not properly sealed, they will eventually harm the integrity of the asphalt and cause it to degenerate. However, we at Saguaro Asphalt have the tools to repair your asphalt before the cracks become a problem.

Before we can fill the cracks, we must clean the area, removing any dirt or vegetation that may be growing. We then mix up our hot rubberized sealant and carefully fill the crack. The hot rubberized rubber bonds with the surface and creates a bond, sealing the crack completely. This process will ensure that water cannot seep through and begin deteriorating the asphalt. We finish by buffing the asphalt’s top for a smooth finish.

What Happens If The Crack Gets Too Deep?

We use a different method when filling deep cracks or gaps under the pavement. We start by using sand or polystyrene backer rod to fill the void.

This step is essential in areas where water has washed away soil below the pavement.

If the cracks are too thin to accept hot rubber, but there are gaps underneath the pavement, we use a method called “crack-routing.” This is used to widen the cracks so that filling and patching will be easier and more effective in the long term. We added extra support under the surface by pre-filling with sand, yet the joint still has flexibility for growth and contraction.

We at Saguaro Asphalt understand the importance of keeping your asphalt in good condition. If you have any questions or concerns regarding your asphalt, contact us today to schedule a free consultation!

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