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At Saguaro Asphalt, we are willing and experienced in handling various jobs. Whether it’s a tiny pothole that needs repair or a large crack in your asphalt- we have the equipment and the manpower to take on the challenge.

Asphalt is a durable material that is strong and flexible. It can be used for roads, parking lots, playgrounds, sidewalks, and patios. It also has good insulating properties, so it keeps the ground cool in the summer and warm in the winter. Since asphalt doesn’t get as hot as concrete, it’s perfect for those 100-degree Tuscon days. Asphalt has numerous other advantages over concrete. It is cheaper to install and maintain, so it is an attractive option for homeowners on a tight budget. It can also accommodate heavy traffic, making it more suitable for busy streets.


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Specialty Paving

Specialty Paving Services are needed when paving more complex areas such as running tracks, sports courts, narrow pathways, curving roads, and steep roadways. With our specialized services, you can get the job done right and avoid costly mistakes.

Runners and Sport Enthusiasts

Why do you need to hire a professional specializing in specialty paving to lay your sports court or running track? When building sports courts and running tracks, it is imperative that the correct asphalt mixture is used. The asphalt used for these areas consists of a mix of dense graded aggregate and specified type and grade of asphalt binder and must be laid carefully to avoid any air voids. Contrary to asphalt roads, no further densification happens with sports court surfaces. So to prevent pre-mature surface failure, it must be done correctly.

Narrow, curving, or steep roads

Most asphalt companies don’t have the equipment or skills to handle complex jobs like these, but at Saguaro Asphalt, we are experienced in handling the most demanding jobs.

Are you looking for an experienced asphalt and concrete firm in Tucson? Don’t hesitate to reach out to us. We can help you with any paving or pavement repair needs.

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