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Hiring An Asphalt Grading Contractor? 5 Big Things To Look For!

Many people don’t realize that asphalt grading is essential whenever you plan to construct a road, build a house, or even install a driveway. You’ll need a level surface with a solid foundation to ensure your pavement is strong and can endure years of weather, wear, and tear. To that end, finding the right asphalt grading contractor can make or break your project, no matter how big or small.

As you scour the internet for the right company for the job, a few things should stand out to you regarding eligibility for the work. Of course, you want to avoid ending up with the wrong person on your job if you can avoid it. So take your time, check all your boxes, and hire yourself the perfect asphalt grading contractor for a job well done.

5 Things to Look for in an Asphalt Grading Contractor


The internet doesn’t always get it right. It can be a place of confusion and bad information. But when it comes to reviews, it can be a godsend. When hiring anybody, especially someone in charge of such a large and complex job as grading asphalt, pay attention to what past clients have to say. 

And remember, you can hire someone other than the person with the absolute best reviews. Sometimes you will find a newer contractor with only a handful of reviews who will do a great job. You will also find more experienced contractors with dozens upon dozens of reviews. Although some reviews might not be good, sometimes clients are unhappy. It happens. Look at any product or service with hundreds of reviews, and you will find a mixed bag. 

The trick is to pay attention to the majority of reviews. Dig in and look at what they have to say. And also, look closely at what those negative reviews have to say as well. Often a bad review comes from something entirely out of the grading contractor’s control, like a delivery mixup or a weather issue.In the end, sum it all up and see how you feel about the overall tone of reviews.


The second thing you should look for in a contractor is experience. Whether it’s a contractor who has been running their own business for years or someone with only a few years under their belt – look at their past projects. 

Your grading contractor should be able to provide a portfolio of past jobs, letters, or phone numbers of trusted recommenders and be able to discuss your needs at length.

You should expect your contractor to be able to point out the problems that may arise and the costs of your job in detail. They should provide a specifically outlined timeline of what to expect on the job. When hiring a contractor, you want to feel like you are in good hands.

License and Insurance

This one feels obvious, but it is worth mentioning anyway. Any contractor worth their weight should have license and insurance paperwork on hand to provide when requested. You want to be sure that your asphalt grading contractor is experienced and that they have been certified and licensed by the necessary authorities. This means they have been vetted by an oversight committee that ensures this contractor knows what they’re doing.

Insurance is another critical factor as if anything goes wrong on the job, accident or not, you, the client, will not be left with hefty bills to cover any expenses beyond your control. Especially on jobs involving the placement of permanent materials like concrete, you want to be protected from all angles, and insurance is in place for that purpose.


Sure, we all want that contractor in high demand, the best one in town, the one everyone knows and is in line waiting for. But we also just want the job done, right? And within a reasonable timeline.

A great asphalt grading contractor can manage their schedule to ensure their clients get their jobs done promptly, whether that means only taking on jobs they can handle in a reasonable time or scaling up staffing and labor when demand rises.

So be sure your contractor can get to your job in the next few weeks rather than sometime later next year.


We’ve all heard the adage, “you get what you pay for.” And this is true.  Sometimes “too cheap” means they don’t value their work and may be using shoddy materials and cutting corners to make a profit.But you also don’t want the most expensive grading contractor. Just because they’re costly, it doesn’t mean they are the best. 

Look for that sweet spot of experience and value where the contractor can explain precisely why they charge what they do for asphalt grading, and make sure you feel good about the explanation and that it fits your budget.

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